Mr. James Brown

I’m very sad to see Mr. James Brown go. Not much else I can say.
I only hope the hot tubs in heaven aren’t too hot.

Hope everyone has a great holiday. And a happy new year … in jail. Go on, they’re waiting for you!

Was going through wire stories about Iraq at work, and someone pointed out this little detail in AP’s story about the U.S. turning over security of Najaf to Iraqi forces. There, of course, was a ceremony on a soccer field to mark the event. Your usual change-of-command stuff:

At one point, a small group of elite Iraqi special forces officers wearing dark green T-shirts stepped forward with a live rabbit and ripped it apart with their teeth.

The leader chomped out the animal’s heart with a yell, then passed around the blood-soaked carcass to his comrades, each of whom took a bite. The group also bit the heads off frogs.

Holy crap — Bootsy Collins has the best Christmas album of the year, and one of the best ever. Wow. The “Silent Night” jam is especially groovy. Damn.

Been culling old e-mails, and stumbled across some great quotes I sent myself. Whenever I’m reading something at work or at home and find a great quote I e-mail it to myself because otherwise it’s lost within hours, even though I can still quote all the between-song banter of Dee Snider on Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry” live video that I saved so long for in junior high.

But anyway, these two caught my eye once again as I was skimming through old messages, and I wanted to share because I think they should be taken to heart.

“Question how much freedom your path affords you. Be utterly ruthless about it.”

Hugh MacLeod

“It isn’t dying that’s sad; it’s living when you’re not happy.”

Octave Mirbeau