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nude highway driving

So there was a story on the wire today about how Troy, Mich., tried to block Hooters from expanding because the restaurant doesn’t fit their “high income” image, yet ended up with two Hooters because of their actions. (insert Nelson laugh)

The best part, though, is this line:

Critics are concerned that the restaurants’ scantily clad servers don’t fit the image the city seeks to project in its Big Beaver commercial district.

I say it’s a perfect fit.

“Get ready for the violence of the lambs.”
Black Sheep trailer here. God, I can’t wait for this.
(via AmericaBlog)

From today’s anti-ASEAN protests in the Philippines. (By AP)

I got lost in a Wikipedia trap last night (clicking from one article to the next before realizing hours had gone by), and came across this quote from the page on Henry A. Wallace, FDR’s second vice president.

“The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.”

Hits a little too close to home, ne? It’s from an editorial he did for the New York Times, and the whole thing is something everyone in America should read.


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